Reverb broads #7
Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why?
(Thanks Kassie!)

What has red hair, two thumbs and cracks me up?

This gal.

Behold! Miss Teen Wonder in all her wisenheimer glory. When the child isn’t driving me crazy with irrational demands, begging for cash or frightening us all in a Linda Blair worthy hormonal swing she really and truly cracks. me. up.

I haven’t a prayer of conveying to you why she amuses me quite as much as she does; I believe the appeal is totally isolated to our personal family backstory. She, on the other hand, thinks it should be obvious to all. To quote;

“It’s because I’m awesome. I’m like Jesus. Yeah…that awesome.”

See? That isn’t funny to you. Also, you would probably not be amused by her habitual and oft repeated demands to “…. make me a sammich!” All I know is that when we were trying to negotiate our way through the dark of rural Wisconsin in a malfunctioning minivan last month, her assertion that “…It’s easy to keep track of where we are! North, south, east, west…Never Eat Soggy Wocks!” made me laugh so hard I nearly drove off the road.

Hubby would say that it’s no mystery at all and that my enjoyment of her has less to do with parental pride than, say, extreme narcissism. She is, after all my Monty Python quoting, 80’s music loving, cartoon watching doppleganger. I can’t help it if the child takes after me! Clearly, my DNA is superior to some.

“Never eat soggy wocks”…. snicker…she’s hilarious.
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