It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I think I did a bad thing. Having decided that Sarah Connor is the only logical role model for the times we live in, I pulled Terminator 2 up on our TV, and settled in. You know, for parenting tips. My youngest son came down to join me and immediately started... Read more...'

It’s Hubby’s birthday. Hilarious!

Tomorrow is Hubby’s fiftieth birthday, an event I have been waiting for with gleeful anticipation. “Oh, my husband? He’s not with me right now…you know how TIRED folks in their fifties get.” “Are you SURE you should eat that? Now that you’re fifty, you need to... Read more...'

I’m fine.

Much of this past year has left me convinced that there exists somewhere a Melanie-shaped voodoo doll absolutely festooned with hat pins. Politics has me in a delicate state, mentally limp on a couch, just like poor Beth in Little Women. You would think the Universe... Read more...'

Diamonds are Melanie’s Best Friend.

Sometimes my husband has flashes of brilliance. For instance, he recently informed me that we met exactly 25 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday. “I think we’re going to have to celebrate,” says he, then proposes that we have his mother’s diamond engagement ring retooled... Read more...'

There are RULES, dangnabbit!

Yesterday I took my boots to be resoled. Found a lovely, old-timey shop run by an tiny elderly man in an apron, with wire rimmed glasses and handsomely calloused hands…he couldn’t have looked more like a cobbler elf if he tried. The shop certainly bore up to the... Read more...'

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