A Toast to Pants.

Disaster. I just wore through my very favorite pair of pants. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but you didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to not buy any clothes this year. None. Zip. Nada. It’s only March and I’m already in crisis.... Read more...'

I WILL Steal Your Easter Eggs.

It is almost the end of Lent and I can’t tell you how happy I am that Easter is this Sunday. As you may recall, I made the pledge to follow a vegan diet for the duration. Let me say this; there has been no end of delicious food to eat the other weekend, for... Read more...'

The Lenten Path to Perfection.

Well, that went over like a lead balloon. As you may know, Lent starts today– Lent being the preferred holiday season for those of us who like our personal growth both painful and inconvenient. It’s the hard scrabble route to self improvement, insisting... Read more...'

Toast makes the world go around.

I haven’t felt much like writing this week. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything, unless lying limp upon my sofa counts as some sort of activity. You see, I agreed to do a “liver cleanse” and it has left me a shell of my formerly vibrant... Read more...'

A cure for life’s ills.

The other day, I was at the self check-out at the library, when I got a good look at my chosen materials; one mystery where the hero was a cookie baker, one where the hero was a cupcake baker, Julie and Julia (the movie), two vegan cookbooks (I’m not, but what... Read more...'

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