Fun Reverb Broads post today! Without further ado;

Ten things I will never, not ever, do.
  1. Pee in front of my husband.
  2. Talk about sex with my mother.
  3. Own a dog.
  4. Lie about my age. (42)
  5. Regret marrying my husband.
  6. Choose a soak in a tub over a hot shower.
  7. Come home without hoping that the mail contains a present for me. Yes, I know not everyday can be Christmas, but some days are.
  8. Willing live through a summer without A/C. I’m too damn old and too damn crabby.
  9. Love any band more than the Smiths, and food more than potatoes and any joke more than this one; How are a grape and a chicken alike? They’re both purple…except the chicken.
  10. Stop cussing. Dammit.

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