Virtual Winter.

One thing about working in an Eco-friendly store is that many of our customers have terrifying hobbies. Hobbies like tracking world extinction rates or researching birth defects attributable to chemical exposure; hobbies they are deeply committed to disseminating. In... Read more...'

Running Away from Winter.

I don’t have to tell you folks that this winter is getting long. Yesterday, when I was scraping the accumulated ice off the car in the freezing rain, or later, when I was bent against the head wind, snow assaulting my face, my spirits were understandably low.... Read more...'

Cancun is for sissies.

You know how some families have mottos? Or maybe an inspirational slogan emblazoned on their family crest? Well, I’ve figured out a strong contender for mine;“The Frauenheim Dankes; taking craptastic vacations since 1995.”There was the year our mini-van broke down and... Read more...'

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