Yes, we have no Bananas….sniff.

So, I didn’t tell you about our New Year’s eve. We spent it with some dear friends in St. Paul. During the course of the evening we began talking about hubby’s conviction that we are running out of oil, at which point people began adding their own... Read more...'

The Magical Land of “YES!”

Been having a run of frustrating days, lately. Yesterday, my son’s friend’s bike got stolen from our backyard, which made us all feel just crummy. Then our youngest, who has been on a bit of a tear recently, burst into tears when I reminded him to close... Read more...'

Investors needed for GENIUS idea!

Okay, so today I went for a really long run, which is something that I haven’t done for a while. I’m sure that the resulting light-headedness had nothing to do with the flash of assumed brilliance which came over me. I thought of quite possibly the best... Read more...'

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