Days 1-4; The Agony and the Ecstasy.

Day One: Day one is officially a success! We headed north, to Duluth, to pick up my sister and her husband before spending a day basking in the sun on one of our much loved Lake Superior beaches. Each of the Northern Wisconsin beaches we frequent has it’s own... Read more...'

And Away We Go!

Well, this is it, the Frauenheim Dankes are hitting the road. With an eye to our daughter’s eminent departure for college, we have  planned the VERY LAST ROAD TRIP WE WILL EVER TAKE, ALL TOGETHER. (…sniff…) Two full weeks of togetherness; riding in... Read more...'

Ciao to Roma.

8/20/12  And so we come to the last entry… No lie, the view from outside our apartment… …. of this old thing. Rome.  I didn’t realize myself how much I would love it. I actually teared up a little bit, trying to explain to Hubby the... Read more...'

Good bye to Addis, Onward to Rome!

8/12/12 On Friday, we headed out on our first tour; first stop, the semi-rock hewn church Adadi Marim. Beautiful.  Amazing to think that people had the passion and dedication to chisel a place of worship out of solid rock….this from someone who has a hard... Read more...'

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