Happiness Makes me Sleepy.

Boy, oh boy, have I been uninspired lately. Oddly, I blame it on the past week or so of beautiful weather. Looking back at my posts, it’s fairly clear that an alternative title to this blog could have been “Making Lemons from Lemonade” or some other... Read more...'

In fact, I barely got THIS written.

Yesterday a good friend of ours came over to the shop for a little coffee, nosh and advice. (Yes, we are a full service cookie shop.) Turns out that she wanted to set up these monthly seminars and needed our help brainstorming. Now, she didn’t need help with... Read more...'

I am an e-mess.

Technology leaves me befuddled. Thursday night, I spent the better part of the evening cussing out my failing printer and then attempted to fix it through the brilliant technique of staring gloomily at it for 35 minutes, pushing random bits with a pencil and... Read more...'

Can’t blog… napping…..

You know how you always hear about those businesses that get the big boost right after New Year’s Day? Places like gyms and fitness equipment stores and, I’m just guessing here, but I’m going to bet liposuction clinics, too. Well, I’m here to... Read more...'

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