Plumbing the Depths.

Let me tell you what’s going on at my house right now: A seemingly routine call to a plumber led to a second appointment and the addition of two more plumbers. They showed up a bit ago in the giant truck. The “take no prisoners” truck. They have... Read more...'

I Still Got It.

I’m so excited, in a completely dorky way. Yesterday I managed to pass down a bit of wisdom to my son. To convey to him a skill that I have worked on for years, honed through exhaustive practice and perfected through the bitter tears of experience.Yesterday, I... Read more...'

Curse You, Alexander Graham Bell!

I’ve been working on a post about last weekend’s hot and sticky 20 mile training run. And as much as I’ve wanted to tell you about it, it’s going to have to wait because what I’d like you to do now is ask me how much my phone bill was... Read more...'

Make a New Plan, Stan!

Do not panic, people, but summer is careening madly into the second half of June and I still don’t have a plan! Friends keep asking me, “What are you doing this summer?” and I got NOTHIN’. Just a blank stare and the propensity to start... Read more...'

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