What to do… What to do…?

I think I am suffering from a moderate case of post-marathon blahs.  The week after the marathon, I ran three days and made it to the gym two more. Last week…? Not so much. Without a goal, or looming deadline, I just Don’t. See. The. Point. Workouts... Read more...'

Marathon wrap up.

Cue the theme song from Chariots of Fire and break out the ice packs because I finally got a sub-five hour marathon finish. Hal-le-freaking-luia. My finishing time was a joy-inducing 4:53:17, shaving twenty-seven minutes off last year and a full hour and six minutes... Read more...'

Marathon Season is almost here! Joy!

Friends, I am so very, very stoked. This is the very best part of my running season–those weeks when it’s just a wee bit too early to start training for real, but close enough to spend large parts of my day just thinking about how great it’s going to... Read more...'

Welcome to Spazzcamp.

Wow. Time flies when you are having an politically-induced aneurysm. I haven’t posted for a while, just because I have been far too busy shaking my fist at on-line news sites whilst yelling expletives. This requires far more time than you could possibly imagine.... Read more...'

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