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Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can’t live without. Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year. (Neha)

Two words: Hot. Shower.

I’m not talking about the average “I need to get clean” in and out sort of spritzing most people take before work. I’m talking a set-the-water-heater-temperature-to-“scald”-and-run-out-the-tank, hedonistic, the-hell-with-the-environment, irresponsible indulgence. I don’t get out until my belly is pink and water is running down the mirror in rivulets.

These long showers are a necessity; I need them to warm up my core temperature after trudging through the cold, Minnesota winter. I need them to slough off the failings and frustrations of the day. I need them to have five (fine, twenty.) minutes to myself where the kidlets can’t get to me.

I came precariously close to having to forgo my daily shower therapy this weekend. I had a slight run-in with my treadmill and, as a result, lost a goodly amount of skin from my calf. (Lesson? Impromptu treadmill dance routines are strictly verboten…even if one is extremely happy her knee has improved enough to start running again and even if this song comes on the ipod.) The thought of water hitting that oozy, weepy, red patch of leg made me pause. A less committed person might have just gone to bed…the quitter. I, on the other hand, wrapped my leg in Saran wrap and duct tape and jumped right in.

Clearly there’s no way I could go without a shower for a year. What would be the alternative? Baths? Don’t talk to me about baths! Blech. Who wants to sit around, stewing in the residue of the day? Not this girl. Plus the bathtubs are never deep enough, the water turns tepid in, like, a minute and the back wall of that thing is always freezing.

Someday, when all the water is gone, you will come banging on my door, waving pitchforks and lit torches and I will be here, unrepentant, heating up buckets of recycled rainwater from the Petticoat Junction style water tower I’m going to build in my backyard.

I just hope it’s large enough.

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