Good-bye Summer! No, really. Vamoose!

I just realized that school starts in a mere two weeks–can I get an “Amen?” I love my children, you understand, but that love is ever so much less complicated when they are somebody else’s problem for eight hours a day. Yup. Less complicated... Read more...'

When little things mean a lot.

It’s the little things that’ll get you.This morning hubby woke me up early. Like super, duper, I’d-Rather-Be-Dead-Than-Awake-Right-Now early. He had missed the bus and I would I mind if he took the car? (Answer; No. Shut up and go away.) Now, I... Read more...'

Leave this blog where you found it!

Oh! Much frustration and gnashing of teeth! Once again I have reached for an item of mine and found that my hand has closed on…NOTHING! This time it was a nifty little mister that I use to encourage my hair to curl– it is the most labor-intensive action I... Read more...'

Time out for mommy.

I’ve got a problem: how to reprimand a wayward 6 year-old, in a manner that isn’t in reality a punishment for me? I’ve got this little one, I’ve mentioned him before, who is hell bent on asserting his dominance over the household. That’s... Read more...'

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