Stop with the Mornings, Already.

Today did not start out well. My 8th grade son burst into my bedroom, looking for a ride to school. This was cataclysmic for a number of reasons: first off, I hadn’t had any coffee. Not a drop. I hadn’t even managed to stumble to the coffee maker. I had... Read more...'

So… Cold….

I miss looking cute in the winter. I used to dress adorably no matter what the weather. Time was I didn’t let the specter of frostbite deter me one bit. Off I’d go, tromping through the snow to wait for the bus in a mini-skirt, doc martins, vintage top and... Read more...'

What’s for lunch?

I’m fighting a dangerous mental habit. With five kids and a small business I am constantly beset with errands that I urgently need to do RIGHT NOW and find myself desperately wishing huge chunks of my life away. “If I can just make it through this... Read more...'

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