“Tri”-ing Something New.

For the past ten years or so, I usually set my sights on an annual goal; something new I haven’t experienced or something that pushes me farther along a familiar path. In this way I’ve run my first marathon, my first sub-5 hour marathon, my first trail run, my first... Read more...'

Stop with the Mornings, Already.

Today did not start out well. My 8th grade son burst into my bedroom, looking for a ride to school. This was cataclysmic for a number of reasons: first off, I hadn’t had any coffee. Not a drop. I hadn’t even managed to stumble to the coffee maker. I had... Read more...'

So… Cold….

I miss looking cute in the winter.I used to dress adorably no matter what the weather. Time was I didn’t let the specter of frostbite deter me one bit. Off I’d go, tromping through the snow to wait for the bus in a mini-skirt, doc martins, vintage top and... Read more...'

What’s for lunch?

I’m fighting a dangerous mental habit. With five kids and a small business I am constantly beset with errands that I urgently need to do RIGHT NOW and find myself desperately wishing huge chunks of my life away. “If I can just make it through this... Read more...'

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