The Cleopatra of the Midwest.

Last night I slept the sleep of the just. Or at least, the sleep of the justifiably exhausted. It's been a crazy couple of weeks here, and yesterday signaled the end of our exertions.  Spring is insanely busy for us; lots of family birthdays proper, and weekend...

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The End of the Saga.

The wonderful thing about first world problems is that they so often have first world remedies. Sadness over the loss of my laptop and everything stored within (Goodbye, book!) can be soothed, if not completely vanquished by the free form consumption of many, many...

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Book, schmook.

Today I heard myself complaining that my barista had put too much milk in my cappuccino. Oh, good heavens. Somebody put too much nutritional goodness in my recreational beverage! Alert the authorities!Yup. First world problems, I gots 'em.Also, my computer machine is...

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If Momma’ Ain’t Happy… (she’s probably out of gin.)

Ah, the precious milestones in an emerging spring... the first night's slumber with open windows, the season's inaugural gin and tonic, the happy wiggling of newly bared toes....... the first evening your husband makes a mad dash through the living room, slamming shut...

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Make Mine Pink.

You know, there is some crazy shit being proposed out there. Cray-zee. If you pay even the briefest moment's attention to politics, it seems like folks are losing their ever-loving minds. Even the shortest exposure to the barrage of hateful nattering out there makes...

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Dear Diary, This is Getting Old.

I know people who collect and read their old journals. Not me. I'm of the mind that it would be better if I just burned them. Not because they are incriminating or embarrassing (though, of course, they are.) No, I would like to burn them all, because I hate the fact...

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Marathon Season is almost here! Joy!

Friends, I am so very, very stoked. This is the very best part of my running season--those weeks when it's just a wee bit too early to start training for real, but close enough to spend large parts of my day just thinking about how great it's going to be. You know,...

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What, Me Worry?

I got inordinately excited the other day, when I saw a McDonald's fillet-o-fish commercial. "Oh boy!" I said to Hubby, "Lent must be coming!" (I don't know about you, but my mom would bring home sacks of fillet-o-fish on Fridays; it was a small thing, but it cemented...

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Sending out a pebble of happiness.

Does winter finally get to everyone? It seems funny to say, since we've been having the mildest winter in, well, forever. No ice on the road, no snow emergencies, no days off school, no worrying that you're going to get frostbite waiting for the bus... so why am I...

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  • Tina on Stop with the Mornings, Already.Awesome post! Really captures this time of year for us moms- thanks!
  • Deborah on Stop with the Mornings, Already.I adore this post Melanie for so many reasons. It doesn't need to be confirmed, but honestly his hair did look amazing. I'll email you some pictures that I took this morning of our "babies", sometime hopefully before they graduate high school.
  • Bruce J Wallis on Put it all back!Excellent column, Melanie. I just got a little teary reading it.
  • Jenny on It’s Gonna’ Cost You.Alas, I don't think it's that they believe "those people" are less hard working, less intelligent, less responsible. It's actually that they are less worthy.
  • Patty on It’s Gonna’ Cost You.So very true. You always say what I am thinking, but so much better than I could ever do it. Here's to trying for the higher matter how many times we fall.


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