Sixteen weeks until the Twin Cities Marathon, which means training starts in earnest today.


 Of course I’ve been running all spring, the darn training plan starts out with an eight mile run, so you don’t just hop off the couch and leap into that. (actually, you sigh heavily, procrastinate as long as humanly possible and then stand in your entryway whining, “I don’t WANNA‘ do this! Whyyeeee am I doing this?”)

 Yup. Preparation has been the name of the game, this year: I’ve worked in some early hill-type runs, incorporated strength training into my routine (and probably only skip it half of the time, so you know, yay me.)instituted a nutrional plan, technically called “Stop Eating So Darn Much” and found a running fuel I can live with–mocha flavored Clif Shots energy gels. Deeelicious. Though oddly disconcerting to be running with a mouthful of something that feels like it should be spread on a cupcake. (Wait a minute…!)

Healh food, I say!

So I guess I’m ready, or at least as ready as I’m going to be. My iPod is loaded with L7 and Elastica and in keeping with the Riot Grrrl feel, Tune-Yards. (Yes, youngsters, Riot Grrls were a thing.) I check my registration periodically for corral placement and even though I’m nearly 100% certain that there is a asterisk next to my name leading to the notation “pathologically and chronically underestimates finishing time” there is a slight possiblity that I might be placed in corral number two. Maybe. Also my knee and I have a wary truce–I elected for an abreviated training plan and hopefully it won’t get all swollen and crunchy sounding. At least, that’s the plan. Lastly, and clearly most importantly, I have two really cute new running tanks.

So I guess there’s nothing left to do but to do it.

 On your mark….

 Get set….


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