As I think I’ve mentioned before, New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  Actually, it may have nudged Christmas out of the top spot, this year. Christmas has been losing ground steadily now that I’m old and weary and have decided that sitting is my new, favorite activity. That and napping. All those required, allegedly fun Christmas activities require pants and motion and what kind of holiday is that, anyways? I’d much rather lie around in my pajamas and plan all the awesome things I’m going to do in the New Year, you know, later. And if there’s coffee and leftover cheesecake, well, all the better.

Make no mistake, this year I am going to be so freaking perfect and do you know why? Because I have already accomplished the most important resolution on my 2013 list: #25–POST RESOLUTIONS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!

Two weeks ago I was rummaging under my bed, looking for the tank top which has mysteriously disappeared (white, extra long, fitted…absolutely crucial to my wardrobe, which I didn’t know until it went AWOL. WHERE ARE YOU, wondrous tank?!) among the dust bunnies and the discarded magazines I found my “perfect life” three-ring binder. Chock full of pictures of beautiful kitchens, shoes and yoga workouts– everything that litters my Pinterest boards nowadays. And right on the very first page…? My 2012 resolutions.

Dang it! I totally forgot about most of those.

As I hate -absolutely hate- to see a list unfinished, I was tempted to send my cookie shop partner an email saying “Sorry, can’t come in until New Year’s…By the way, do you know how to make a terrarium?” Given that the shop was in full holiday craze, such an email, even in jest, probably would’ve given her an aneurysm, so I didn’t.

And some of those would have been so easy. Besides the “learn to assemble a terrarium” I had other, easy one afternoon projects.  #12–make a family reference binder. Phhhhhbbt. Grab the immunization records, scrawl out the phone numbers of our dentist, family doctor and veterinarian, slap in the local pizza delivery menu and BAM! I could’ve knocked that one out of the park. But nooooooo. I had to stick them under my bed, like a dummy. Lets face it, my memory is shot, people…Which is why I really should have created some sort of organizational system to deal with all the many, many things I need to attend to. (#5)

Ah, well, its a new year with a bright, shiny new list of resolutions. Since I’m going to be so much more positive and easy on myself this year (#8) I’m  going to say that upon further reflection, I didn’t do so bad. In 2012, I finished 7 out of 16 resolutions PLUS we added a front and back deck to our house, redid the bathroom, painted the family room, came back from our giant, overseas trip all in one piece and I achieved my goal of a sub 5:00:00 marathon. I feel quite confident in saying that I am at least 40% improved from 2011. If I manage to complete at least half of my goals over the next few years, my calculations show that I could be 560 times a better person before the kids all leave for college. Just think of all the kick-ass terrariums I could build then.

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