Today I heard myself complaining that my barista had put too much milk in my cappuccino. Oh, good heavens. Somebody put too much nutritional goodness in my recreational beverage! Alert the authorities!

Yup. First world problems, I gots ’em.

Also, my computer machine is gasping it’s last. So much so, that I’m writing he first draft of this post with paper and pencil. I KNOW! Who even knew they still made that stuff?

I optimistically thought that I had fixed it, but only in so much as it will now power on. After that it’s pretty much useless, though really, I should be more understanding. My computer is growing old much as I am…meaning that once you hand it a task it heads off on it’s merry way before grinding to a stop, unable to remember what, exactly, it was supposed to be doing. That spinning wheel of death just marks the time my laptop is retracing it’s steps, trying to figure out why it headed into that room in the first place. Or maybe it’s trying to find its keys.

In apparent solidarity, the electrical systems of our minivan are failing, one by one. Rear view wipers, Air conditioning, that little toggle that lets you adjust the passenger’s side mirror without opening the window–all but distant memories. The most recent to go is the automatic door lock switch. Geez. I have to turn that big, heavy key every time I leave the car. It’s a wonder I haven’t developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yes, life is hard. Or rather, it isn’t. And I’m saying this on a morning of considerable personal challenge. My book was on that computer. It took me ten years to gather the wherewithal to write the stupid thing. And YES, I backed it up, I’m not a complete idiot…I’m only a partial idiot, because I let the backup live on my flash-drive, never realizing that the file itself was corrupted, so hasta la vista, baby. I’m so cheap, I didn’t even print out a copy, in a brilliant move to save the ink and paper costs.

Like I said, first world problems.

So, I’m writing this morning, making a conscious attempt to remind myself that given everything that happens in this capricious world, I am dang lucky that my struggles amount to running out of half and half for my organic, italian roast, decaf coffee, the vaporization of a manuscript of dubious quality and whether or not to make the switch to an ipad. Maybe I’ll even discover the ability to pound out 200 more pages. It’s kind of hard to gather the energy, though. I didn’t get much sleep…

I think somebody put a pea under the princess’s mattress.

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