Reverb Broads, December 19th prompt:

Self-Portrait: Post a picture of you that you like, write about yourself, post a video – what do you want your self-portrait to say about you?
Happy. That’s what I was and what I hope people see. That’s Hubby and me a million years ago on our wedding day. We had slept in and then gone out to breakfast, blithely overlooking the fact that if you are getting hitched at 11:00 in the morning, you probably should get a move on. I never even combed my hair. Afterwards there was German food and beer and polkas. It was the most fun day of my life and the smartest move I’ve made to date. I am always a little blown away when I see the joy on Hubby’s face and count myself fortunate that he thought marrying me was such a good idea. Sucker.

And speaking of love; I hope each of my children carry a memory of me gazing fondly at them thusly;

Because despite the fact that I spend a large amount of time yelling at the kidlets, glowering at them and looking for all the world like I just bit into a lemon– an extremely bitter, incomprehensibly frustrating and aggravating lemon– I really could spend half my life just eating them up from the tips of their eyelashes to the soles of their stinky feet.

And then there’s the picture I’ve chosen for my obituary. I swear to god, I have never looked so good. There is some sort of alchemy of lighting and prayer going on here that boggles the imagination….

This is me after working my tail off (literally) and losing 50 lbs, taken after my second half marathon. I hope when people see this, they see someone who can set a goal and complete it. Someone who gets shit done. Someone fit and athletic and coordinated. I hope they see that and then quickly turn away, because once I start running it all goes straight downhill.
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