Half-marathon report

I've received a few emails asking how the run went. So let me tell you; it was not. fun. Not at all. Despite my honest intention to be all mellow and happy no matter how slowly I ran, I found myself getting grumpier and grumpier each time I was passed by a faster...

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22 hours and counting….

Oy. I have such a cold. I've been hacking up what is optimistically pieces of lung for three days. Tomorrow is Saturday. Three out of the five kidlets will be at slumber parties. What I should do is lie in bed until roughly Sunday at 4:00 pm, surrounded by Kleenex...

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It's 8:00 and already one of the twins is having a serious case of The Mondays.It happens every week and I swear it makes no sense. Third grade is freaking this girl out. At the start of each and every week, she lays her head down on the breakfast table and has a...

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New Photo Feature!

At the suggestion of my friend, Emily, I'd like to share with you a new and hopefully infrequent and short-lived feature of my blog. It's called, "Why I Can't Have Nice Things Thursday" showcasing stuff that my family has destroyed. It has to be temporary, right? I...

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Vacation fall out.

Remember that phrase-- "No vacation goes unpunished?" What? I'm pretty certain that's how the saying goes. See, last weekend hubby and I went away for our first vacation alone since my eldest daughter was a baby. The one in HIGH SCHOOL. It's funny; up until this...

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Blogging for Dummies (That would be me.)

I just spent the evening at a class for bloggers over at Twin Cities Daily Planet, learning how to make this little ol' blog well, better. Afterwards, I went and had a post-lesson beer with two friends and discussed what we had taken away from this little exercise. To...

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Give me a minute…

Yesterday, I had another long run. 12 miles, to be exact. It was lovely... and no, I never thought I'd hear myself say that. But it was; the morning was cool, the fall colors were glorious and Hubby ran the first two miles with me, which made for good company. What...

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Keep on Truckin’!

I think my personal mottos could use some work.A friend read me my horoscope last week, and, to me, it was the most comforting, wonderful thing I ever heard and I've been repeating the last line over and over to myself. The line? "It's not too late."I've been meaning...

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It’s all relative.

I just found my elder son, teary-eyed in the basement."What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.He looked up at me, bottom lip trembling, and said, "We're poor."Oh, for the love of pete. Hubby and I had just had a talk with the kids expanding the current notion of...

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Birthday blog.

That's right. Today is my birthday. Because I am the meanest mom in the world, we started with a forced 5K/family fun run. Yup. I said "fun run" and don't let my kids tell you otherwise. They just don't understand grown-up fun is all.I'm not sure what the rest of the...

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Blog Roulette?

Recent Comments

  • Pam on I’m fine.We will not be looking back on these years with a happy chuckle and a thought of how whimsical the Universe can be, but I imagine the silver linings will continue to provide useful, elegant lessons in how to love this life we are living. You are a blessing and joy in my life and I am much better for knowing you. And this entry is freakin' hilarious!
  • Geanette on I’m fine.You amaze me. That’s all there is too it. The fact that you are willing and able to even LOOK for a silver lining is breathtaking. And then you make me laugh outloud. “And the award for best use of the word fish stick in a simile goes toooooo......!” Oh Melanie.....keep filling our hearts with your observations and keep us laughing. We need inspiration like you. And now ... bonus ... I can say I’ve “read” Rilke! Big love, G
  • Pam on There are RULES, dangnabbit!Wow! Who is the noble cobbler? Mine took six weeks to repair the strap on my bag that I carry every day. I am aware that your cobbler didn't say that they would be ready in two days, he just agreed that she could pick them up. I am delighting myself with the fantasy of her coming in to get her eight unrepaired boots and stamping her tiny foot while said cobbler merely swings his awl to point to the wall -- Ready in Two Weeks.
  • Melanie Danke on Wakey, wakey.Gosh, you are sweet. Thank you for that.
  • Geanette on Wakey, wakey.Didn't think I could POSSIBLY love you any more, but after reading this one. I do. I do indeed. You make me laugh when there's nothing to laugh about. You make me see the world with new eyes. No small feat. God, I love you!


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