Birthday blog.

That's right. Today is my birthday. Because I am the meanest mom in the world, we started with a forced 5K/family fun run. Yup. I said "fun run" and don't let my kids tell you otherwise. They just don't understand grown-up fun is all.I'm not sure what the rest of the...

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You have got to be kidding me.

Dang, that was fast. We made it to day six of school before someone was home with the flu. I don't know how she does it, but we've got a daughter (hereafter known as "the carrier") who catches every single strain of bug that comes through the public school system. I...

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Oh, no, he din’t!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you've already heard this one, but still....I came back from an 8 mile run this morning and hubby asked me how it went. "Okay, I guess, but it took 1:27 and I really wanted to finish in 1:20 even."Hubby rolled his eyes,...

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Just think about it….

That's it. I'm not kidding. My birthday is coming up and dang nabbit, the only problem is that I'm turning 41 years old and not 71.Today cemented it. Apparently, one of our local newspapers ran an article about our little retail corner. All day I have been inundated...

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Who knew?

Well, isn't this just a kick in the head? I'm not even sure how it happened, but I've become someone who, when facing down a seriously mean and crabby attitude, looks over her options (liquor, chocolate, running far, far away from home...) and spontaneously decides,...

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Back to school blues-

Eeeep.   You know, I'm a fairly busy person. Five kids, my own business, these things require a certain amount of organization. Usually that looks like me, squirreling away things that I know that we'll need so that just about anytime one of the kids says, "Mom!!! I...

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Out of the Wild, into the Fire.

Lordy, lordy... you'd think that after being married for roughly a hundred years that I would know better than this. You see, to my way of thinking, hubby and I are not just roommates or "co-parents" we are each other's biggest supporters. We do, or should, help each...

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Somewhere, there is a television executive who doesn't want me to sleep. I don't know why he has made it his life's work to torment me, but he does. Maybe we rode the bus together back in elementary school, and he had an unfortunately easy-to-rhyme name. Like...

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The Magical Land of “YES!”

Been having a run of frustrating days, lately. Yesterday, my son's friend's bike got stolen from our backyard, which made us all feel just crummy. Then our youngest, who has been on a bit of a tear recently, burst into tears when I reminded him to close the back door....

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Unnecessary but not forgotten…

Last weekend I was able to sneak away for a brief and totally well-deserved vacation. When I returned, I found that: A) my house had not burned down B) my business was still chugging along and C) the world had continued to spin on it's axis.... all without any help...

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  • Tina on Stop with the Mornings, Already.Awesome post! Really captures this time of year for us moms- thanks!
  • Deborah on Stop with the Mornings, Already.I adore this post Melanie for so many reasons. It doesn't need to be confirmed, but honestly his hair did look amazing. I'll email you some pictures that I took this morning of our "babies", sometime hopefully before they graduate high school.
  • Bruce J Wallis on Put it all back!Excellent column, Melanie. I just got a little teary reading it.
  • Jenny on It’s Gonna’ Cost You.Alas, I don't think it's that they believe "those people" are less hard working, less intelligent, less responsible. It's actually that they are less worthy.
  • Patty on It’s Gonna’ Cost You.So very true. You always say what I am thinking, but so much better than I could ever do it. Here's to trying for the higher matter how many times we fall.


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