I just spent the evening at a class for bloggers over at Twin Cities Daily Planet, learning how to make this little ol’ blog well, better. Afterwards, I went and had a post-lesson beer with two friends and discussed what we had taken away from this little exercise. To summarize:

Things I Learned at Blog Class
  1. People like lists. (check)
  2. Each blog post should include a photo.
  3. Keywords and titles are important and should be concretely related to your topic, so as to drive traffic to your site. Also, according to Macalicious, it helps to have Star Wars as a topic. So…. Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. Star Wars.
  4. Post often. Like, really often. Ignore-the-children-burn-the-dinner often, else you end up reading your unread posts out loud to your cats.
  5. Remember always your intentions for blogging. A mission statement isn’t a bad idea.
  6. Mommy blogs are rife with corruption. They will whore out their posts for a free box of Pampers or case of Vapor Rub. Seriously. This is why I needed to take the class. People are giving away free stuff and I had no idea. Um, Nordstroms? Feel free to contact me if you need a “nonbiased” blog entry or tweet on the awesomeness of your shoe department. And if a pair of Ugg cargo boots, size 9 happened to show up on my doorstep, I wouldn’t tell a soul, I swear.
  7. Link it up.
  8. Apparently, if you have a lists of blogs you follow, you should alert said bloggers that they may return the favor. Again, who knew?
  9. Shorter is better so to sum up…
Star Wars.

The Rise & Fall of a Momocracy

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