I’ve received a few emails asking how the run went. So let me tell you; it was not. fun. Not at all. Despite my honest intention to be all mellow and happy no matter how slowly I ran, I found myself getting grumpier and grumpier each time I was passed by a faster runner. Since I made the error of starting too far up the pack, I was passed roughly 5000 times…and no, I’m not kidding. The half-marathon has a partner 10 miler that started 7 minutes after us. So at a certain point on the course, I was no longer being passed by people in my race, but by speedy people from the second. It did not improve my mood.

Plus, dummy that I am, I left my ipod at home. Guess what? I actually don’t enjoy running at all. Running is hard. Running hurts. And without the music, running is…well, exercise. Blech.

But, here’s the thing; I am totally doing it again next year.

I hear your plaintive cry,”But why, Lanie, WHY?” Because it WAS so hard. Because I want to do it better next time around. Because despite the difficultly, I managed to cut 8 minutes off last year’s time and that is addictive, people. And because, for whatever reason, I think running is my surest way to spiritual growth and intellectual maturity.

My friends and I have talked about how important it is, even when we’re busy with work and the kids and the million other things we do, to still find time for things we really enjoy. Usually that’s an activity we tend to be somewhat skilled at; crafting or dancing or the like. But I maintain that it’s good for you to have something that you love, but which you are not really good at. And, ho boy, am I not good at running. Here is what it’s teaching me…
  1. I am still way too competitive about things that do not matter.
  2. That life would be a whole lot easier if I didn’t push, push, push all the time.
  3. All you can do is the best you can do.
  4. The people who love you, love you even when you are hot, sweaty, slow and grumpy.
  5. Everybody needs a recovery day.

See? See how mature and spiritually awesome I am going to be, once I really get those lessons through my thick, stubborn head? You just wait until next year. I’m going to run that race with a totally better attitude. I am going to have patience. I am going to have compassion for myself. I am going to have a whole new set of goals…and you can bet your sweet bippy, I’m going to have my ipod.

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