And so we come to the last entry…

No lie, the view from outside our apartment…

…. of this old thing.

I didn’t realize myself how much I would love it. I actually teared up a little bit, trying to explain to Hubby the appeal.  Rome fulfills my inner striving for things to be correct, proper and above all, lovely.  In Rome, I drink coffee with a cup and saucer, make my bed exactly as my mom taught me, wear flirty sundresses and write my journal entries sitting on a small, tiled porch surrounded by climbing vines and with a glass of wine by my hand.

On our last night in Rome, against all the guidebooks’ advice, Hubby and I went to dinner at one of the small, outdoor cafes overlooking the Colosseum. An unforgivably touristy move, I know, but, come on…! As the sun set we found ourselves drinking wine quite literally in the shadow of that iconic monument, an experience well worth any lessening of our street cred.
As the hours rolled on (and the wine disappeared) a subtle bit of alchemy happened and all of the frustrations and petty dissatisfactions and anxiousness about my life fell away. For once I was able to step back and appreciate everything we have done and built, instead of focusing in on everything still undone. I can not tell you the relief at having all that self-doubt lifted off my shoulders.
What DO they put in their wine, anyways???? 
The best thing about this trip, the most wonderful gift is that for days I have woken up and thought, “This is the best day ever!”–a feeling that has persisted even after our return home.  No secret that during this past year I have greeted many mornings with a lack of enthusiasm and the first words I’ve often uttered have been, “Oh, crap.” –Cue the deep sigh.
Since we’ve gotten home though, I’ve been excited and joyful to be here and to do all the normal things that I do–“Yay! I get to go for a run!”  “Hooray! Today I get to see Vicki, to go to work and see my dear friends, to sleep in my own bed!!” I’ve rediscovered my life here, and it is wonderful.  The trick now is to hold on to that feeling, to remember all the fun and joy and successes we’ve had and look forward to adventures still to come.
I’m thinking about ordering Italian wine by the truckload. 
Couldn’t hurt.

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