Today we’re breaking the mold, a little bit. This isn’t a foodie blog, but as you know, I’m baker both by trade and by, well, a disportionate love of butter and sweets.

While perusing the interwebs for recipes I came across this wonderful site: Frosting for a Cause. They’re raising breast cancer awareness and cold, hard cash for research all through the magic of delicious, decadent desserts. Guest bloggers contribute recipes and a story of how someone they know has been affected by cancer. What you might not know is that my fellow Smart Cookie and good friend Patty just marked the two year anniversary of her own diagnosis. I’m guest blogging over there today with and in honor of her.

On an unrelated note; today is also my Dad’s Birthday. He would want you to visit Frosting for a Cause, check out our post and maybe even contribute to one of the fine organizations they support. Go ahead. Do it for my Dad. You didn’t even get him a card.

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