A few days ago, when I was exhausted from scampering hither and yon and feeling just a mite bit, um, stretched, I came across a blog that made everything better. More than better– FABulous. One that encompassed two things that I love so much and yet, had never considered bringing together. That’s right. Someone who knows my deepest heart of hearts set up (are you ready for it?):

AAAAaaaaaa!!!!! A website dedicated to our President, the First Lady and every way in which food is part of their lives. Their food inititives, the White House garden, The First Lady’s campaign against childhood obesity, which restarants they frequent, what they order when they do, the menus from White House events and RECIPES!!!!! I…can’t…speak…. Excuse me while I put my head down and bask in the glow of supreme happiness. Ahhhhh…….

Now, I know that this site isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is interested in knowing what Tom Colicchio said when he testified on childhood nutrition (but I am!) or cares what President Obama ordered when he stopped in Wisconsin (kringle!) but for me this is such a deeply satisfying read that my gratitude has spilled over to all other areas and has brought to mind the many, many things that I am thankful to have access to. Things like food blogs and 8 hour lipstick and our amazing landlords at the shop and 7 day/week access to cookie dough…. Conversely there are things that I am so happy to NOT have; diabetes, cankles, a probation officer… Amazing how one little thing can make a day absolutely perfect.

So I’m curious; what’s the last thing that made your day?

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