Cancun is for sissies.

You know how some families have mottos? Or maybe an inspirational slogan emblazoned on their family crest? Well, I’ve figured out a strong contender for mine;“The Frauenheim Dankes; taking craptastic vacations since 1995.”There was the year our mini-van broke down and... Read more...'

Comparing Apples and Bananas…

Oy.This has been a difficult week. I was fully mourning Wisconsin’s passage of their anti-union bill, when the news hit about Michigan. My mind still hasn’t wrapped itself around the fact that the Michigan State Government decided to allow “Emergency... Read more...'

Welcome to Spazzcamp.

Wow. Time flies when you are having an politically-induced aneurysm. I haven’t posted for a while, just because I have been far too busy shaking my fist at on-line news sites whilst yelling expletives. This requires far more time than you could possibly imagine.... Read more...'

I am an e-mess.

Technology leaves me befuddled. Thursday night, I spent the better part of the evening cussing out my failing printer and then attempted to fix it through the brilliant technique of staring gloomily at it for 35 minutes, pushing random bits with a pencil and... Read more...'

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