No, YOU have a drinking problem!

You should all know that I’m writing this under duress. You see, every so often, Hubby, who is my staunchest supporter when it comes to this blog, gets a bee in his bonnet about something I “need” to write about. He is absolutely adamant for example,... Read more...'

A Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

Haven’t been doing much writing the past few weeks. First, because I kept seeing periodic snowflakes and very concept of snow in MAY rendered me limp with despair, completely incapable of seeing joy or humor in anything. Then the weather got gorgeous and my... Read more...'

Lunchtime is the BEST time.

I woke up this morning crabby. Which wasn’t so surprising, considering how completely vile and low down I felt when I went to bed. A mood this bad comes along maybe once or twice a year and tends to linger when it does. All morning I struggled with the urge to... Read more...'

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