Lost in the shuffle….

A dear friend gave me an ipod nano for Christmas. Let me say this; I LOVE my nano. Look…LOOK! It’s so sweet. The screen lights up. It has an internal pedometer. It picks up FM radio so I can listen to the local celebrity gossip station…whoops, I... Read more...'

a belated reverb

Yes, I know, I know…waaaay behind. Sadly, this week I’ve had little time or internet access…something about all that snow. Cheap, city-wide internet is awesome in theory, but not exactly problem-free. Nevertheless!– I’ve been thinking... Read more...'

What snow reveals.

Oh, joy. Winter has finally arrived. I have been flitting about with a song in my heart ever since this weekend’s snowfall. Summer is a challenge to me, humidity like a dagger in my very soul…but snow??? Ah, bliss. So happy was I, that I was fairly singing... Read more...'

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