Obviously, This Post has no Photos.

Our race photos arrived in my inbox today. Photos taken by a multitude of professional photographers, stationed along the marathon route, either crouching at the side of the road or lofted high above the course, documenting our 26.2 miles from the bucket of a crane.... Read more...'

Call Me Lex.

Sometimes I get an idea so brilliant, it borders on the diabolical. So here’s the story; Today was the William O’Brien 10 mile trail run. (Motto: “The hills! Sweet merciful Jesus, the hills!”) Anyone of you from around this neck of the woods... Read more...'

I’ll Get Her Next Year!

I got my Mother’s Day present early this year. Once again, I blatantly strong-armed my family into running the MDRA  Mother’s Day 5k with me. (“Fine. I mean, you don’t have to do it…Even though it would make me happier than any other... Read more...'

Running Away from Winter.

I don’t have to tell you folks that this winter is getting long. Yesterday, when I was scraping the accumulated ice off the car in the freezing rain, or later, when I was bent against the head wind, snow assaulting my face, my spirits were understandably low.... Read more...'

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