Bring it!

The most beautiful word in the English language isn’t “melodious” or “lemon” or “onomatopoeia”–though they are strong contenders.  I maintain that the sweetest word is “taper” as in, “Dear, sweet,... Read more...'

Marathon Season is almost here! Joy!

Friends, I am so very, very stoked. This is the very best part of my running season–those weeks when it’s just a wee bit too early to start training for real, but close enough to spend large parts of my day just thinking about how great it’s going to... Read more...'

Lanie in the Middle.

Sound the trumpets!!! Notify the press!!! I have achieved one of my deeply desired life goals! Nope. I haven’t learned to play the banjo. This is even better.Hubby and I have received our marathon confirmation packets in the mail. Iffin’ you don’t... Read more...'

Look Out for Nature!

Hubby has found his running niche, heaven help me. Early this year, in the spirit of “Let’s do something NEW!” Hubby and I signed up to run our very first trail race. I figured Hubby, with his penchant for zen running would love the scenery, the... Read more...'

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