Mission Impossible.

This is exactly how I get into trouble. Last night, right when I thought that I really, no, really needed to go to bed right now (!) I decided to take a quick, clicky stroll through the interwebs…because that always leads straight to bed, right? I ended up on... Read more...'

To recap; Slow? Yes. Crazy? Definitely.

Well. It’s over. Done. Six months of training, of anticipation, and fervent, passionate hope were put to the test yesterday at the Medtronic TC Marathon. By 1:30 p.m. I was laid out on the grass, making feeble, insincere attempts to stretch my aching legs and... Read more...'

Lanie in the Middle.

Sound the trumpets!!! Notify the press!!! I have achieved one of my deeply desired life goals! Nope. I haven’t learned to play the banjo. This is even better.Hubby and I have received our marathon confirmation packets in the mail. Iffin’ you don’t... Read more...'

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