22 hours and counting….

Oy. I have such a cold. I’ve been hacking up what is optimistically pieces of lung for three days. Tomorrow is Saturday. Three out of the five kidlets will be at slumber parties. What I should do is lie in bed until roughly Sunday at 4:00 pm, surrounded by... Read more...'

Keep on Truckin’!

I think my personal mottos could use some work.A friend read me my horoscope last week, and, to me, it was the most comforting, wonderful thing I ever heard and I’ve been repeating the last line over and over to myself. The line? “It’s not too... Read more...'

Leave this blog where you found it!

Oh! Much frustration and gnashing of teeth! Once again I have reached for an item of mine and found that my hand has closed on…NOTHING! This time it was a nifty little mister that I use to encourage my hair to curl– it is the most labor-intensive action I... Read more...'

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