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Oh! Much frustration and gnashing of teeth! Once again I have reached for an item of mine and found that my hand has closed on…NOTHING! This time it was a nifty little mister that I use to encourage my hair to curl– it is the most labor-intensive action I... Read more...'

I can think of yummier things.

Well, hobo month is over. It ended with a whimper. June 30th, I looked at my nice, ripe bank balance and then sat down to pay bills. Now we’re broke. Crud. How terribly anti-climatic. When I go through a long and somewhat difficult process, I want there to be a big... Read more...'


I hate sports. I hate our stupid baseball schedule. I super hate whoever is supposed to be in charge of canceling games in our super stupid league. But…I love my son– –which is how I ended up spending my afternoon in a downpour, watching two... Read more...'

slow traffic, keep right.

Poop.I just got back from a run. 3.2 miles, in fact, just to check my 5k time. Due to schedules and life, I’ve been mostly relegated to running on a treadmill in my basement. Let me tell you, I am speedy-speedy quick on that thing. So much so, that I was super... Read more...'

We all remember a few weeks ago, when I said all sort of nice things about my husband, right? When I said that I loooove him and he is very supportive and, in general, a stand-up guy…right? I might have left out the part where I suspect that he is totally,... Read more...'

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