Time out for mommy.

I’ve got a problem: how to reprimand a wayward 6 year-old, in a manner that isn’t in reality a punishment for me? I’ve got this little one, I’ve mentioned him before, who is hell bent on asserting his dominance over the household. That’s... Read more...'

No. YOU shut up.

What do you do when the mom is crabby? I mean seriously, absolutely crabby? I just spent an hour slumped in my favorite chair, arms crossed, bottom lip out, pouting. Yes, pouting. Just kind of hanging out and waiting for the opportunity to yell “No. YOU shut... Read more...'

Pretty! Shiny!

Somehow I have become enamored of diamonds. Big, shiny, show-stopping pieces. Something Elizabeth Taylor or Zsa Zsa Gabor would have worn back in the day. Yes! The Hope diamond; cursed or not, I’d like to own it, just for a little while.   I know, it’s... Read more...'

Don’t ask me, I just live here.

I think that my inattentive parenting is finally starting to pay off. A few days without clean school uniforms and my daughter has decided that I can’t be trusted and has begun to do her own laundry. Today my son got sick of waiting for me and pulled out the... Read more...'

@#$$$&% mornings.

Before we go any further, let me just say this: I love my husband. He is charming and handsome and my absolute favorite person to spend time with. He is supportive in a way that is unflagging, he has an image of me that is better than what I know myself to be and... Read more...'

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