Comparing Apples and Bananas…

Oy.This has been a difficult week. I was fully mourning Wisconsin’s passage of their anti-union bill, when the news hit about Michigan. My mind still hasn’t wrapped itself around the fact that the Michigan State Government decided to allow “Emergency... Read more...'

Vacation fall out.

Remember that phrase– “No vacation goes unpunished?” What? I’m pretty certain that’s how the saying goes. See, last weekend hubby and I went away for our first vacation alone since my eldest daughter was a baby. The one in HIGH SCHOOL.... Read more...'

Birthday blues.

That’s right. Today is my birthday. Because I am the meanest mom in the world, we started with a forced 5K/family fun run. Yup. I said “fun run” and don’t let my kids tell you otherwise. They just don’t understand grown-up fun is all.... Read more...'

You have got to be kidding me.

Dang, that was fast. We made it to day six of school before someone was home with the flu. I don’t know how she does it, but we’ve got a daughter (hereafter known as “the carrier”) who catches every single strain of bug that comes through the... Read more...'

Back to school blues-

Eeeep.   You know, I’m a fairly busy person. Five kids, my own business, these things require a certain amount of organization. Usually that looks like me, squirreling away things that I know that we’ll need so that just about anytime one of the kids says,... Read more...'

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