No, YOU have a drinking problem!

You should all know that I’m writing this under duress. You see, every so often, Hubby, who is my staunchest supporter when it comes to this blog, gets a bee in his bonnet about something I “need” to write about. He is absolutely adamant for example,... Read more...'

I Heart John Cusack

Did everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day? We did. And for once, I thought I had the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for hubby. Nothing expensive or flashy or requiring a time commitment or that would take up a lot of space or that would clutter up the house... Read more...'

Out of the Wild, into the Fire.

Lordy, lordy…you’d think that after being married for roughly a hundred years that I would know better than this. You see, to my way of thinking, hubby and I are not just roommates or “co-parents” we are each other’s biggest supporters.... Read more...'

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