Look Out for Nature!

Hubby has found his running niche, heaven help me. Early this year, in the spirit of “Let’s do something NEW!” Hubby and I signed up to run our very first trail race. I figured Hubby, with his penchant for zen running would love the scenery, the... Read more...'

Make a New Plan, Stan!

Do not panic, people, but summer is careening madly into the second half of June and I still don’t have a plan! Friends keep asking me, “What are you doing this summer?” and I got NOTHIN’. Just a blank stare and the propensity to start... Read more...'

Yes. You CAN Buy Love.

Oh, the joy and happiness of watching my children, cheerfully engaged in productive work…no. I am NOT drunk. Hubby and I finally broke down, joined the new millennium and bought a Wii. We told the kids that they couldn’t play it until this place was... Read more...'

Mommy Needs a Cocktail.

I’m going to admit something here. There have been times that I thought parenthood was pretty darn dull. Don’t get me wrong. I love, love, love my kids. However, there were long, unbroken stretches of time when they were little and I was at home where the... Read more...'

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