In the New Year, I am Perfect.

Okay, Christmas is great. My birthday? Totally fun. Mother’s day? Now you’re talking! But as for me, my absolutely favorite holiday is New Year’s, hands down. Not the staying up, or the parties…we hardly ever do that, anyway. In fact, while I... Read more...'

So… Cold….

I miss looking cute in the winter.I used to dress adorably no matter what the weather. Time was I didn’t let the specter of frostbite deter me one bit. Off I’d go, tromping through the snow to wait for the bus in a mini-skirt, doc martins, vintage top and... Read more...'

a belated reverb

Yes, I know, I know…waaaay behind. Sadly, this week I’ve had little time or internet access…something about all that snow. Cheap, city-wide internet is awesome in theory, but not exactly problem-free. Nevertheless!– I’ve been thinking... Read more...'

reverb10: day eleven

December 11 – 11 Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011?Well, allllright! Now this is a prompt I can get behind! Wait… What?… No names? Fine.Annoying, teenage temper tantrums. What? I didn’t state any names. I’m just... Read more...'

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