Addis Journals, part one.

So, after debating how I could possibly write about our recent trip to Ethiopia to visit with our kids’ birth family and then to Rome for gelato-fueled sight-seeing, I decided to do a small series of excerpts from my journal.  8/6/12 After a long plane... Read more...'

Countdown to Lift-off.

We have official passed the tipping point; we are now so close to our family trip to Ethiopia and Rome that there is not a single thing more I can do. Simply put, it’s out of my hands, and I couldn’t be more relieved.  Despite my absolute best... Read more...'


Lord have mercy, we made it through another summer! I had hoped to get out a post last week before we headed out to my mom’s for our end-of-summer visit, but clearly that didn’t happen. As usual, packing sucked up all my free time. Midway through the... Read more...'

Cancun is for sissies.

You know how some families have mottos? Or maybe an inspirational slogan emblazoned on their family crest? Well, I’ve figured out a strong contender for mine;“The Frauenheim Dankes; taking craptastic vacations since 1995.”There was the year our mini-van broke down and... Read more...'

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