Momentary Brilliance

Last night, I was an awesome mother. I don’t always think that. Somedays I feel one wire hanger away from Mommy Dearest. Mostly I suspect that if I really knew what I was doing, the darling offspring wouldn’t be such lunatics, the house wouldn’t look... Read more...'


It’s 8:00 and already one of the twins is having a serious case of The Mondays.It happens every week and I swear it makes no sense. Third grade is freaking this girl out. At the start of each and every week, she lays her head down on the breakfast table and has... Read more...'

Hope Eternal.

One of our twin daughters is in vision therapy, which has me spending exorbanent amounts of cash on a process that I strongly suspect might be hogwash.   This week, for example, I’m supposed to read to her while she stares into different colored lights. This is... Read more...'

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