It’s all relative.

I just found my elder son, teary-eyed in the basement.”What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.He looked up at me, bottom lip trembling, and said, “We’re poor.”Oh, for the love of pete. Hubby and I had just had a talk with the kids... Read more...'

Back to school blues-

Eeeep.   You know, I’m a fairly busy person. Five kids, my own business, these things require a certain amount of organization. Usually that looks like me, squirreling away things that I know that we’ll need so that just about anytime one of the kids says,... Read more...'

I can think of yummier things.

Well, hobo month is over. It ended with a whimper. June 30th, I looked at my nice, ripe bank balance and then sat down to pay bills. Now we’re broke. Crud. How terribly anti-climatic. When I go through a long and somewhat difficult process, I want there to be a big... Read more...'

vanity, thy name is… Me!

Hobo month has claimed it’s first victim. Sadly, it’s my hair. Let me just note that I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Summers, once the humidity hits, it doesn’t need to be trimmed as much as subdued. And it’s been raining here. Raining A LOT. But... Read more...'

and so it begins

Hobo month is barely a day old, and already there’s trouble. For the uninitiated, Hobo month is a brief hiatus in discretionary spending; nothing that isn’t deemed absolutely necessary can be purchased. So, hot dog buns? Yes. Creme brulee pastries? No.... Read more...'

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