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Poop. I just got back from a run. 3.2 miles, in fact, just to check my 5k time. Due to schedules and life, I’ve been mostly relegated to running on a treadmill in my basement. Let me tell you, I am speedy-speedy quick on that thing. So much so, that I was super... Read more...'


Oh my gosh, I needed this. I’m hiding in my room, while all the kids are outside engaging in forced gardening-type activities with their father. The window is open, I’ve got a fresh cup of coffee and half a dark chocolate/chili bar beside me. It’s... Read more...'

We all remember a few weeks ago, when I said all sort of nice things about my husband, right? When I said that I loooove him and he is very supportive and, in general, a stand-up guy…right? I might have left out the part where I suspect that he is totally,... Read more...'

Time out for mommy.

I’ve got a problem: how to reprimand a wayward 6 year-old, in a manner that isn’t in reality a punishment for me? I’ve got this little one, I’ve mentioned him before, who is hell bent on asserting his dominance over the household. That’s... Read more...'


Okay, here’s kind of a secret. Well, not a secret really, just something that I do without really examining it too closely. Kind of like night-time snacking. Sure, I know I do it and it’s probably not the best thing for me, but I just sort of divert my... Read more...'
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