The Problem with Hubby.

My husband has a very high opinion of me. No matter how I’m feeling, he tells me that I am the funniest, cutest, most talented and driven person he knows. I can’t tell you how much that is starting to piss me off. It’s a lot of pressure, people.... Read more...'

What is Scaring Me This Halloween.

It’s Halloween and it occurs to me how very often frightening things come in small packages, like Chucky or those kids from Children of the Corn and now, this: Such a small thing, to contain such horrors. I know that I seemed indecisive about making this... Read more...'

What to do… What to do…?

I think I am suffering from a moderate case of post-marathon blahs.  The week after the marathon, I ran three days and made it to the gym two more. Last week…? Not so much. Without a goal, or looming deadline, I just Don’t. See. The. Point. Workouts... Read more...'

Happily Ever After… thus far, anyways.

People, I am having just one hell of a Monday. I’m out of clean underwear, I brought two towels to the gym, but no iPod, I changed purses, which means I am currently without phone or makeup. Every turn I made on the way to work led me to road construction or... Read more...'

Marathon wrap up.

Cue the theme song from Chariots of Fire and break out the ice packs because I finally got a sub-five hour marathon finish. Hal-le-freaking-luia. My finishing time was a joy-inducing 4:53:17, shaving twenty-seven minutes off last year and a full hour and six minutes... Read more...'

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