NaNoWriMo update. Words, please!

One of the most touching things about my husband is his unfailing enjoyment of my writing and his crazy belief that I have an inexhaustible supply of good ideas.This isn’t even remotely the case. What I have is five children whose actions are sometimes so... Read more...'

I Still Got It.

I’m so excited, in a completely dorky way. Yesterday I managed to pass down a bit of wisdom to my son. To convey to him a skill that I have worked on for years, honed through exhaustive practice and perfected through the bitter tears of experience.Yesterday, I... Read more...'

This is all my sister’s fault.

Did you notice the date, yesterday? 11/1/11. Ooooo, I think that’s magic. I meant to make a wish at 11:11 and also at 1:11, but dang it, I forgot both times. REALLY! I have the short-term memory of a toaster. That’s right, none at all. All I had to do was... Read more...'

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