But I Don’t WANT to Clean my Room!

Mayday! Mayday! There’s been a change of plans. Girlfriend is coming into town TOMORROW! There’s no way I can lose 10 pounds, grow out my hair and remodel the kitchen in 24 hours…by Saturday, sure, but not by tomorrow.I don’t know why I get... Read more...'

Summer Time is MOVIE Time.

My very best friend is coming into town next weekend and I am STOKED. We are going to do all the things we used to do, back when we were young college gals. That’s right; watch movies and eat cookies. PAAAARTAY! Girlfriend will be choosing our film on account of... Read more...'

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

It’s here! It’s here!What’s here you ask? My new, winter parka, of course! What? You didn’t spend last weekend’s sultry weather internet shopping for 600 fill down winter coats? Your loss people, ’cause I got the very last pink one.... Read more...'

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