Christmas survival plan

Yesterday I baked 1300 cookies. Not, “Ha-ha, I am exaggerating for maximum effect” 1300, an actual “I own a cookie shop and it’s nearing Christmas” 1300.Traditionally, this time of year is deliriously happy for me. I love the holidays,... Read more...'

What snow reveals.

Oh, joy. Winter has finally arrived. I have been flitting about with a song in my heart ever since this weekend’s snowfall. Summer is a challenge to me, humidity like a dagger in my very soul…but snow??? Ah, bliss. So happy was I, that I was fairly singing... Read more...'

Half-marathon report

I’ve received a few emails asking how the run went. So let me tell you; it was not. fun. Not at all. Despite my honest intention to be all mellow and happy no matter how slowly I ran, I found myself getting grumpier and grumpier each time I was passed by a... Read more...'

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