22 hours and counting….

Oy. I have such a cold. I’ve been hacking up what is optimistically pieces of lung for three days. Tomorrow is Saturday. Three out of the five kidlets will be at slumber parties. What I should do is lie in bed until roughly Sunday at 4:00 pm, surrounded by... Read more...'


It’s 8:00 and already one of the twins is having a serious case of The Mondays.It happens every week and I swear it makes no sense. Third grade is freaking this girl out. At the start of each and every week, she lays her head down on the breakfast table and has... Read more...'

New Photo Feature!

At the suggestion of my friend, Emily, I’d like to share with you a new and hopefully infrequent and short-lived feature of my blog. It’s called, “Why I Can’t Have Nice Things Thursday” showcasing stuff that my family has destroyed. It... Read more...'

Vacation fall out.

Remember that phrase– “No vacation goes unpunished?” What? I’m pretty certain that’s how the saying goes. See, last weekend hubby and I went away for our first vacation alone since my eldest daughter was a baby. The one in HIGH SCHOOL.... Read more...'

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