Of course, it would be shoes….

Fair is fair. If I’m going to tattle about my husband’s Hobo month indiscretions, I probably should be upfront about my own. Friday, feeling a little spiritually battered, I decided to run a few errands after work…get a few movies from the library,... Read more...'

Getting more fabulous by the minute!

I absolutely have to share with you my new favorite website. I have wasted literally hours looking at this thing. ( I of course have no idea about proper website sharing etiquette, my apologies if I’ve mucked it up.) I FORBID you to go one more minute without... Read more...'

vanity, thy name is… Me!

Hobo month has claimed it’s first victim. Sadly, it’s my hair. Let me just note that I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Summers, once the humidity hits, it doesn’t need to be trimmed as much as subdued. And it’s been raining here. Raining A LOT. But... Read more...'

Someone is not on the program.

Hobo month is experiencing a slight snag. One that goes by the name of MY HUSBAND. When I proposed that we reset our spending habits by taking a shopping hiatus, kind of like a grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser but for your wallet, he was all like, “Yes. Of... Read more...'

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