Who knew?

Well, isn’t this just a kick in the head? I’m not even sure how it happened, but I’ve become someone who, when facing down a seriously mean and crabby attitude, looks over her options (liquor, chocolate, running far, far away from home…) and... Read more...'

I can think of yummier things.

Well, hobo month is over. It ended with a whimper. June 30th, I looked at my nice, ripe bank balance and then sat down to pay bills. Now we’re broke. Crud. How terribly anti-climatic. When I go through a long and somewhat difficult process, I want there to be a big... Read more...'

No. YOU shut up.

What do you do when the mom is crabby? I mean seriously, absolutely crabby? I just spent an hour slumped in my favorite chair, arms crossed, bottom lip out, pouting. Yes, pouting. Just kind of hanging out and waiting for the opportunity to yell “No. YOU shut... Read more...'

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