Call Me Lex.

Sometimes I get an idea so brilliant, it borders on the diabolical. So here’s the story; Today was the William O’Brien 10 mile trail run. (Motto: “The hills! Sweet merciful Jesus, the hills!”) Anyone of you from around this neck of the woods... Read more...'

The Week that Will. Not. End.

Does it ever occur to any of you that your bathroom is the perfect metaphor for your life? Like you spend every day wiping up the soap scum that inevitably reappears overnight, and that you could probably save yourself an inordinate amount of time and energy if you... Read more...'

Please Don’t Analyze My Dreams.

By now some of you have heard that my partner and I will be closing our cookie shop this month. It’s honestly such a relief to get the announcement out there.  Sitting on that kind of information is exhausting, people.  It definitely colors all your... Read more...'

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