Lord have mercy, we made it through another summer! I had hoped to get out a post last week before we headed out to my mom’s for our end-of-summer visit, but clearly that didn’t happen. As usual, packing sucked up all my free time. Midway through the... Read more...'

Happiness Makes me Sleepy.

Boy, oh boy, have I been uninspired lately. Oddly, I blame it on the past week or so of beautiful weather. Looking back at my posts, it’s fairly clear that an alternative title to this blog could have been “Making Lemons from Lemonade” or some other... Read more...'

Curse You, Alexander Graham Bell!

I’ve been working on a post about last weekend’s hot and sticky 20 mile training run. And as much as I’ve wanted to tell you about it, it’s going to have to wait because what I’d like you to do now is ask me how much my phone bill was... Read more...'

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